Why us

Our competitive advantages and expertise

Our philosophy

We want you to succeed and we want to be proud of every single project we work on. We believe that this fact, coupled with our uncompromising attitude to deliver the highest quality possible and passion for what we do, is the secret to success. It doesn’t matter if it’s our own or if we realize your ideas. Ultimately, your project is our project. Therefore we push ourselves over the limits to ensure we deliver a result we can be as happy about as our clients and ultimately develop games, we do want to play ourselves as well.

Development is a creative process and based on interaction. We support your ideas and design with input and feedback from our side. “Half baked” doesn’t exist in our vocabulary. You’ll always get a full course, exquisite Rock Pocket Games meal. We help you take your idea to the next level.

Rock Pocket Games can provide you with the full package: We have established artists, designers, writers and programmers. This enables us to react fast and implement client requested changes immediately. We do have full control over a project at any given time due to having all expertise and knowledge in house.

Additionally, we do have experience with a wide range of platforms including android phones and tablets, apple products, PC, Web and Console, all in house.

Last but not least we do have experience in all different types of game genres and are specialized in advergames. Feel free to take a look at our game portfolio and then let’s talk! Contact us for more information. We’ll be more than happy to help.

Unity, the strength we build on

Our engine of choice, for current projects, is Unity. We do however not stop at developing games with the Unity engine; we are taking it a step further and develop our own in house technology, tools and plugins to ensure an efficient work process without compromising the quality we are known for:

  • 2D Platform Gamekit, which enables us to create unique platform games with completely different look and feel/design in a very fast and efficient way).
  • FPS Gamekit in order to streamline the development process for fps games in unity.
  • Terrain forming and painting tool
  • Quest, UserInterface and logic visualization tool
While our development is based on Unity, we have seasoned programmers and do a lot of custom programming and scripting.

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