We play games, we don’t only make them. Naturally, our choices in games is also what influences what kind of games we want to make. However, it’s not always so easy because in a team there are a lot of different tastes and preferences as to what games we prefer.

It’s before the weekend so here is a little  taste as to what kind of games our team members like and currently play. Let us know what kind of gamer you are in the comments 🙂

What we play in the Shadows

Trond Abusdal / Lead Programmertrond_avatar

I don’t play much on a regular basis, but I played Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris a couple of weekends ago – I think it was great as a couch-coop-game, it had a nice mix of puzzle and action-based gameplay.

Henning Ludvigsen / Art Directorhenning_avatar

No time to play games, but I really enjoy watching Natascha’s streams with Alien Isolation. Love the look and feel, and sound of that game.

Aaron Dintino / Game Designeraaron_avatar

I started playing Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector, because it’s all I have time for nowadays and it has cats. I enjoy it because all I have to do is open the app once a day, refill the kitty food and place down some props while I wait for cats to appear.

 I have become an old cat lady

Jonny Ree / Sen. Technical Artistjonny_avatar

The Witness by Thekla, Inc:

Although my time in-game has only mounted up to some hours so far, the game seems both simple in it’s design and vast in it’s beautiful scenery. Jonathan Blow and his team shows once more how a single mechanic can be explored to it’s conclusion. Taking a very basic “mini-game” and continuously adding to it to create some serious mind-benders.

Gunpoint by Suspicious Developments.
A game that has been out for a while, but I haven’t been able to get to before very recently. The game-play is clever, multifaceted and funny. As a Freelance Spy with catapulting pants, you take on missions to steal, corrupt data and investigate others (and yourself) by manipulating connection between devices. With frequent, hilarious outcomes. Another study in good game design.

Egil Bradley / Programmeregil_avatar

I’m currently playing “Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy

I enjoy puzzle/detective-games, and Phoenix Wright is very different from other games i have tried before.
Still on the first game in the trilogy. Looking forward to the next games as it looks like they’ll have more puzzles in the investigation-part of the game.

Natascha Röösli / PR and MarketingNatascha Röösli

I am currently playing Alien: Isolation and I absolutely love it. Coming freshly out of finishing Until Dawn, Soma, The Evil Within, Outlast, Outlast: Whistleblower and Layers of Fear, Alien just has me on edge constantly.
I think it’s its genius use of Sound, Atmosphere and pacing that really makes this game for me. Additionally, despite having an inventory and different weapons, it never gets in the way of my gameplay experience. It manages to keep me in game at all times, engaged and thus – scared!

Davide Tosello / Lead Concept ArtistNatascha Röösli

star wars—–I played this one for “the brand”.. but after long time is a little bit boring.. I do not really like it

call of duty III black ops—-shot shot shot shot and don’t think nothing … so shot shot shot– the game promise you that you can shot in “modern way”.. cool!
Alien Isolation— the atmosphere of the game is really good..
Batman arkham — same main character same atmosphere same gameplay but I really like the last episode! 🙂

Fredrik Myhre Haraldsen / QAfredrik_m_avatar

Bloodborn (PS4): I love the setting and the general atmosphere. It’s really hard, but it’s so rewarding when you finally manage to progress. It’s something exciting about wanting to see what’s coming next, something that I find very rare in games these days.

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