Starflux Rivals


Super Smash Bros. meets Worms in a fast multiplayer terraforming, fighting game where you can take your shovel to your opponents face and literally dig them a grave after.

Fight, jump, dash, swing and dig your way to victory!

This is not your average multiplayer fighting game. Besides dashing, jumping and grapple hooking your way through the arena, you can also dig, blow up, mine and manipulate the environment. If that is not enough, you can also freeze, throw, shoot, fry and torture your opponent in many other ways. If all fails, you can always take your shovel to your enemies face and dig them a grave after.

You fight for your race in different game modes and on a big variety of different unique environments, each with their own unique hazards such as Polaris, made of cold, snowy and slippery ground.

Players will get the tools to create their own worlds with unique modifiers to influence which content and mechanics are enabled and disabled as well as the option to create unique new worlds by combining unique features of the existing ones.

Starflux FightStarflux Characters

What you can expect from the game:

  • fast paced and skill based multiplayer fighting game
  • unique terraforming mechanics let players control the environment
  • 8 different playable races to choose from with unique skills and male and female versions, each with their own story
  • Level Builder to create and share new arenas, deciding on rules and content.
  • A wide range of Weapons
  • Random Pickups and item crates to fight for and dig up
  • 4 different game modes (Free for all Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Resource Collection, Hold the Artifact)
  • 10 different Worlds with unique mechanics Rock Pocket Quirky high quality graphics
  • Action and combat mechanics: upgradable weapons and gadgets with special attacks
  • Special hazards to use in your fighting tactics
  • Procedurally produced levels
  • Twitch and social integration
  • daily challenges and global leaderboards