Oliver&Spike: Dimension Jumpers

One of our own IPs currently in development for Console


Olivia&Spike: Dimension Jumpers is Ratchet&Clank meets Zelda meets Uncharted, wrapped in a mix between Adventure and Platformer with a twist. The twist is the Dimension Jumping. Each world you play on has at least three parallel dimensions to explore and use. Each of these dimensions has its own storyline, quest-arcs, npcs, fauna and flora but most importantly: different physical laws. They are fully explorable and yours to manipulate to get ahead in the storyline. We are currently developing this unique IP for Console

Olivia&Spike won’t force repetitive puzzle game-play on you, that’s very high on our priority list! Don’t we all know the feeling of picking up/downloading a new game and get Oliver and Spike fighting stinkerssuper excited to try it out just to feel, after a while, that despite great design and puzzles, the actual game-play is still repeating itself in only slight variations? It’s then, when it turns into a slight hate/love relationship because the game is actually really good, the puzzles great but we still feel that there could be more than just different environments but the same objectives and options to use..

What if your game had changing and evolving game-play, challenging you in new ways constantly? What if the game-play was a mix integrating two genres but not overwhelming you with one or the other? Yeah, yeah, heard that before, right? Well, if you haven’t read about the basics of the Dimensions in Olivia&Spike: Dimension Jumpers, you can do so here, to understand the concept behind them before reading on.

Imagine that each Dimension is not only a full place to explore it’s also like a new game-play mechanic for itself. Once you enter a new Dimension a whole new set of skills are opening up to you but more importantly, new rules on how you can interact with your environment. On top of this, since you can stay in most Dimensions how long or short you want, these rules are yours to use and switch between whenever you need them (and believe us when we say you WILL need them ;)). Basically, it’s like having a different game in each dimension while being able to fast change the rules of the game by Dimension Jumping. Makes no sense? Then take a look at this little clip for a (very basic) idea how to use the switching on the first world and one of the very first times you will use dimension switching. In this case it’s to teach you the basics and to get to your objective. So don’t expect everything to be as straight forward and simple as this small teaser.

Now you can expand on that and, for example, break your fall from a high ledge on Firma with switching to Aqual before you would tumble to your ungraceful death and then switch back to Firma again for a save and sound landing. It’s your creativity that will get you ahead in the story.

We started to introduce Aria to you, the first cluster/world you will play in and its three Dimensions Aqual, Tera and Firma. The three first Dimensions are quite basic in order to make sure you get used to the dimension switching and all the different options you have available while switching.
Later in the game, Dimensions and their rules are not as simple as just jumping higher, double jump or being able to swim, oh no, nonono. We have quite complex challenges and rules ready for you and the Dimensions you are going to visit are going to be much more creative and tricky. While we do not want to spoil them for you, we give you some names and let you guess what the characteristics of the different Dimensions might be 😉

Trougle Cluster: Nefaris, Nifris, Tox
Twadle Cluster: Treacle, Turvy, Tint

That’s not all of course. The dimension jumping is wrapped into the adventure/platform game-play and, not to forget, the action part: here, a screenshot collection of only a few of the basic actions Olivia is able to do at the start of the game. As you progress there will be many more to unlock! Questions? Comments? 


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