Mr Melk Wintergames Case Study

Some numbers for one of our advergames for Tine Melk


We here at Rock Pocket Games are strong believers in using Games to engage fans and create communities but don’t just take our word for it.

Here are a few numbers and facts on one of our recent Advergames which we developed together with Hyper AS for Tine Melk, one of the biggest dairy brands in Norway, and its spokesperson Mr. Melk. Keep in mind that the numbers are for a game that was only promoted in Norway, is in Norwegian language and thus only has a small potential target audience compared to an international game. 

Mr. Melk Winter Games has undoubtedly engaged its audience, and has on top managed to get many new fans and add them to Mr. Milk’s existing community on Facebook. Use of Mr. Melk’s original voice and his funny comments, were used to strengthen the message of how important and healthy it is to drink milk. This is one of many things which has had great success with the community. Mr. Melk does not only comment while you’re playing, but also when you are in the menu. Both the total time spent in the app (an average of 22.3 minutes per player), and how frequent the community quotes Mr. Melk’s in game sentences, shows how well the game was received.

The game gets also high praise in the App Store: Mr. Melk Winter Games has a current rating of an average of 4 out of 5 stars. 79 of 119 reviewers give it top scores and the game was number one for over a week on the overall Free Apps high-score list for both iPhone and iPad.

Games Statistics from release on the 7th of February 2012 to the 28th of February 2012

  • Total downloads: 158 225
  • Number of games played: 701287
  • Total Game Time in hours: 25 884 (that amounts to 3 years)
  • Average play-time per gamer: 13 minutes
  • Total time spent in the app: 44,205 hours (that amounts to 5 years)
  • Average time spent in the app per player: 22.3 minutes

Facebook Statistics linked to the game’s release:

  • The number of new likes since the launch of the game (07.02 to 25.02): 3658
  • Increase in Interest ( Talking About This): from about 1,500 per week in the period before and just after launch to over 3000 a week after launch
  • Visits to the tab “Mr. Melk Winter Games” (07.02 to 29.02): 13,490
  • Number of submitted videos to the contest tricks (per 29.02): 31

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