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Obviously, our goal is to create bug free games but if you discover something that doesn’t seem right, please don’t hesitate to contact us any time.

If you have a support question or an issue with one of our games, please check the information here first. In case you did not find what you were looking for, feel free to contact us at any time and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

In order for us to help you as fast as possible, we would appreciate if you add the following information in your contact request or forum post:

  • How did you encounter the problem?
  • Does the problem occur every time or only sporadic?
  • What hardware/device are you using?
  • Which Operating System?
  • Which version of the game/application do you have the issue with?

The Vennebyen/City of Friends Videos don’t play


The videos are not available from the start. You have to unlock them by playing the available mini-games.

What can I do when my iPhone or iPad Game hangs?


If your application froze, you can click the Home button (see first image) to exit the application in question. On both iPhone and iPad you can then double click the same button which will open a separate bar at the bottom of your device with all active applications which are currently active. It's important to first close the application you were using before opening the bottom toolbar, otherwise you won't see the application in question.

Simply scroll back and forth by swiping through the toolbar that opened up (see second image) and look for the application causing you issues. Touch and hold the icon of the application in question until the icons start to shake and a red minus mark appears on the top left corner of the icons. You can now click the minus in order to completely exit an application. This will simply enable you to properly restart the game.

It's a good idea to check for open applications every now and then since apple is keeping application in the cache for faster access but this also adds up and can slow your device significantly. You can close applications this way without losing anything or causing damage.

Why does my iPad not play any sound?


The iPad has an interesting mute quirk, which can result in no sound coming from certain apps over your iPad speaker, even though volume is turned up and you can hear the sound with headphones.

This Soft Mute "feature" mutes app music and sounds, but not the audio from Hulu or Netflix, which makes it difficult to diagnose, especially since your headphones still work, but thankfully it is easy to fix.

In order to fix this, you need to follow the instructions below

  • Double tap the home button
  • Swipe from left to right
  • Tap the speaker icon to the far left
  • It should show "Mute Off" below the play button
  • Listen to app sound once again

This should fix your selectively silent iPad.

How do I change the language for City of Friends/Vennebyen?


Once you start the Vennebyen or City of Friends app, it will check which language you have set as your operation language on your iOS device. The app will then automatically use either English or Norwegian accordingly. If the language is set up to anything else than Norwegian or English, English will be selected.



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